Cognitive Distortions: The Lies Depression Tells | Psych Central

I hope everyone has a moment to read the article at that link above. It is so insightful into what depression really is! Some excerpts that really stood out to me:

“According to psychologist Deborah Serani, PsyD, depression’s top three distortions revolve around helplessness, hopelessness and poor problem solving. Depression diminishes functioning in the frontal lobe of the brain, home to goal-directed behavior, problem solving and reasoning, she said.”

“It’s all my fault I have depression.” Coleman regularly reminds his clients that no one asks to be depressed; “nobody can inflict themselves with depression. It’s a complex illness with roots in our biology, our family backgrounds, and so many other factors that are completely out of our control.””

“Nothing I do will make any difference, so why bother?” This kind of thinking is called catastrophizing, which triggers a loop of hopelessness and bleak ruminations, said Serani. Naturally, this makes every part of a person’s life feel difficult.”

“In addition to its physical and emotional symptoms, depression is an illness that interferes with your brain functioning and psychological reasoning. It distorts your view of yourself and your world.

In short, it lies.”


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