No apologies needed



3 thoughts on “No apologies needed

    1. You shouldn’t be ashamed to cry. Emotions are normal and okay. They’re just that, feelings. Harmless feelings that will pass. An analogy that I heard once and really loved was that we’re all standing at the side of the road. Cars (which represent our feelings) are speeding by. We watch them, but sometimes we feel something and for some reason we run out into the road to stop the car,causing a huge pileup! We’re not meant to stop the feelings and obsess over them. Just acknowledge them and let them pass by. Don’t stop traffic and cause a jam. Just accept them and watch them go on by. Does that make sense? Take care my friend. I’m thinking about you, and hear for you. Check your email! 🙂

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      1. I don’t feel ashamed to cry because if I was alone I’d boo hoo the f*ck my head off … but I don’t want added other person anger on top of my sadness. That’s all … will check my email. 🙂

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