Just breathe…



9 thoughts on “Just breathe…

  1. It will pass. Three awesomely powerful words. I was touched reading this. It reminded me of a song my mum wrote for me, she called it ‘breathe’. The chorus is ‘Breathe. Give yourself some time just to be. Don’t listen to the voices the haunt you, in my arms you can breathe’.

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  2. I think I need to read this a bizmillion times … maybe this should be my first tattoo and in a place where I can just stare at it and read it over and over and over.

    Ugh. WHY do some people (like me, et al) struggle with not being able to get over things easily? I wish I could be one of those people where I didn’t regurgitate crap in my head … regurgitation is for the stomach — and that’s not even a healthy place for that to happen!

    I’m going to go read this again. It would have been much more useful to have memorized THIS, then the pledge of allegiance to the flag.

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      1. I have been thinking about meditation lately. I used to do centering prayer for a while. I didn’t keep up the habit. I contemplate doing it. I just gotta do it because I know it is good for a person. I also know that my husband would respect me breaking away for 20 mins in the evening.

        I’ll let you know if I get it started soon. I think about it a lot.

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