Reblog: disconnected.

I shared this because I think it is a very good description of how it feels when you first start depression meds.


Source: disconnected.


One thought on “Reblog: disconnected.

  1. If disconnected is a way out of a dark hole, then I’m all for that feeling … and hopefully that feeling is temporary. Sometimes I’d honestly like to disconnect … to distance my brain from all the sh*t floating around, for all the feelings I feel, for not knowing if I’m over exaggerating how I feel or not really being in tune with how things truly are. Yep, I’d take a big dose of disconnect sometimes … it’s a vacation from an overthinking head that needs rest and peace at times.

    I read you posts backwards … hope that's OK … they still make sense to me and by backwards I mean from newest to oldest … not literally backwards! Although, I'm sure if I tried that, my brain really would disconnect for a while! 😉

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