About a month ago I saw my doctor and was taken off of Prozac and switched to Effexor XR because it was not helping my depression and anxiety anymore. No noticeable side effects after that.

Friday  I saw her again and she took me off of Buspar and gave me a prescription for Tofranil. I was taking 15mg of Buspar twice a day. The plan was to only take my morning dose on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday; then stop taking it Monday and start Tofranil at night. I am also on Xanax at night to help me sleep (I have bad nightmares and anxiety at night).

Friday went off without a hitch. Saturday the mood swings started, severe anxiety and anger followed by a lot of crying. Sunday was a bit better, however the anxiety was still there. I also had some headaches over the weekend, and neck pain.

Monday the anxiety was significantly worse and I could not leave the house to go to work. Tuesday was started with insomnia in the middle of the night, then a panic attack and a lot of crying and hyperventilating. I also was not able to go to work.

Today I am severely dizzy (having trouble even looking at the screen to type this), I woke up around 3am with a severe headache and have not been able to go back to sleep, my neck hurts and I am very nauseated. I am having trouble walking without bumping into things, confused and trouble concentrating (I am struggling to type sentences and spell words correctly).

How long will this last? Tylenol and an ice pack did not help the headache at all.  I am exhausted but can’t sleep and feel awful!


3 thoughts on “Withdrawal

    1. I think I’m getting better! I took the rest of the week off work so I don’t have that added stress. Bad side effects this morning (mornings seem worse) but feeling better tonight. Still really really warm and sweaty and a little shaky but way better.

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