“Talking Body” at work

I thought I’d share this for a good laugh for all.

At work I listen to music on my headphones from my phone which are wireless. Normally when the bluetooth signal drops the music pauses and when I come back to my desk I just push play on Spotify again.

Today apparently is not my day…I left the room to head down to the restroom, wearing my headphones still as usual and not bothering to pause the music. Something I have done at least a hundred times before without incident.

When I came back into the room that I share with 3 coworkers, everyone looked at me with wide eyes. My one coworker was on a conference call with a customer. Another coworker informed me that when I left the room, my cell phone started blasting music at top volume. Talking Body, by Tove Lo (the unedited version) was coming from my phone as loud as possible while someone was on the phone with an important customer. Of course, knowing my luck it was during the chorus.

You got a perfect one
So put it on me
Swear it won’t take you long
If you love me right
We fuck for life

Apparently everyone was confused for awhile about where the sound was coming from and it took them several minutes to find my phone on my desk and turn the volume down. The customer had to be put on hold while they scrambled. They say they didn’t know a phone could play music that loudly.

I think from now on I will pause my music and take my phone with me…


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