Answers please?

For all of you out there that share the abdominal hysterectomy experience with me, I have some questions for you!

Today is officially 12 weeks since my surgery. I had 4 fibroids, my uterus, 2 ovarian cysts, and part of my cervix removed. They could not get all of my cervix because part of it is fused to my bowels from the endometriosis. I’m still having pain and exhaustion and the doctors can’t seem to tell me anything so I’m reaching out to the world wide web in hopes someone else knows something I don’t.

I have nearly constant pain at the bottom of my right rib cage. If you drew a line down my middle it would be in the middle of my right side. According to the doctor it’s near my gallbladder. Sometimes it moves over to my left rib cage too. But rarely leaves the right side.

I have a lot of back pain, lower and upper which gets worse when I move around a lot or sit for a long time. It is often in the middle of my back, maybe where your kidneys are?  It is often dull and achey, but sometimes like a muscle is knotted.

My left hip also hurts often. Like a dull ache. It seems to help if I press on it.

Pants hurt my stomach around my belly button, or any pressure in that area. There is also still numbness there and down my right thigh which the surgeon says is from cutting so many nerves.

Has anyone else experienced any of this? The surgeon’s only response was that it may be scar tissue. My PCP said to get massages and try swimming for my back and to make sure my posture is good. They did a colonoscopy to make sure I do not have Crohn’s disease (there was some thickening on my bowels) and that came back ok. I have depression and anxiety which I know can cause tiredness and pain but I didn’t feel like this before the surgery. So is it all in my head? Or is this random pain that moves around normal 12 weeks after a hysterectomy? Does it go away???

The most frustrating thing, and I know I’ve mentioned this before is that I did not have pain before the hysterectomy. I was not one of those people that were miserable for years every month. I had normal periods and not much pain. So to find out I even had endometriosis was a shock, let alone the huge fibroids and cysts! A dose of abdominal pain sent me to the ER and they divulged all of these secret things that have apparently been growing inside me for some time! So it’s frustrating to go from being healthy one day, to horrible pain, to surgery, to constant pain and inability to do anything. My PCP said maybe it is deconditioning. Prior to surgery I was working out 2 to 3 hours a day to manage my anxiety. Today I wiped down my desk at work and was exhausted.

I appreciate any info anyone has. The online community has been amazing during this ordeal and I would be lost without all of you.


3 thoughts on “Answers please?

  1. aunttabbi

    I had an abdominal hysterectomy a year ago. I still have numbness where I was cut. The doctor decided it may never come back. As far as the other pains…I don’t know what to tell you hun. I hope things get better for you.

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  2. mamatoboys0422

    Hello! I had an abdominal hysterectomy 2 years ago. And it takes a full year for your body to recover if you are still in a lot of pain take it easy! The belly swelling is called belly swelly and after a long day of doing to much your lower belly will swell and you will be in pain. As for the back pain it gets better I suggest swimming as well as that has helped me. Good luck.

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